Cold Blast: Tassie residents to brace for wild weekend weather

The Bureau of Meteorology said wind and rain is expected throughout Saturday and Sunday with snowfalls lowering to 400m on Sunday afternoon. The weather bureau said Tasmanians can expect to see the conditions hanging around after a cold front brought a winter wonderland to parts of the state earlier this week.“It will be a bit longer lasting and snow will be a bit lower than what we received on Tuesday.” said forecaster Michael Conway. “Snow will fall mainly in the west and it will come over into the south of the state especially on Sunday afternoon.”“If that snow falls in those areas we’re looking at about 2cm.”At sea level residents are being warned of abnormally high tides which are predicted to lash southern coastlines and tidal rivers between Strahan to Swansea with the potential of causing inundation in lower-lying areas. Very high tides 40 to 50cm higher than usual are expected to occur early Friday, Saturday and Sunday night with the highest tide and highest risk of inundation expected early Saturday night.“The very high tides are expected to occur early Friday evening, Saturday eveningand Sunday evening with the highest tide, and highest risk of inundation, expectedearly Saturday evening.” said the Bureau of follow Chelsea Cosgrave

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