Farmer Wants a Wife lovebirds asked to leave show early

However the two, who are still together after filming wrapped over six months ago, reveal their experience on the reality television show was anything but romantic. Nathan, 27, claimed she regularly felt bullied during the filming and thought that producers deliberately tried to keep her and Guthrie apart.“(A producer) would constantly tell the other girls how beautiful they were and say nothing to me,” she said. “They would make sure the other girls won challenges. Whenever I was with Andrew, they only let me talk about why I wouldn’t move to the farm straight away. But Andrew and I had already spoken about moving in together. I just said it wouldn’t happen after two weeks of knowing someone.”She continued: “There were days when I was crying all day and watching it back has been traumatic. It was super f***ed up.”Nathan, who lives in Victoria, revealed the two even went to producers, declaring they had fallen in love and requesting to leave the show. “Andrew knew he was going to pick me, so we went to the producers and told them we’d fallen in love and wanted to leave, but they said no,” she said. “They also told us we couldn’t tell the other girls of our connection because it would mean the whole show would have to stop filming and people would lose their jobs.”However a source close to the series strongly denied suggestions made by Nathan. While in a statement, production company Freemantle acknowledged the “challenging” environment that is filming reality television. “The producers of FWAW acknowledge that being a contestant on a reality television show trying to find love is challenging and can be stressful at times,” a spokesperson said.“The producers of FWAW have in place extensive policies and procedures to create a safe environment for all parties involved in production and we continue to offer support to all our contestants.”Guthrie, from Delegate, says he can’t understand why a show about finding love would try to stop it.“The biggest surprise for me has been the way the show was edited and how Jess has been portrayed,” Guthrie said, adding it was clear very early on he had strong feelings for Nathan. “After watching a lot of people might think, “Why did I choose her?” Which isn’t true of life. We had a solid love story and they have spun it the other way.”“It was puzzling. Why haven’t they backed us?”He adds the producer trying to convince him Nathan wasn’t the one for him became, “f***ing draining.”Regardless of their filming experience, the two are grateful to have found one another and plan to move in together by the end of the year. They also have become the latest Farmer Wants a Wife success story.“Meeting on TV is already so weird, but then with everything we’ve been going through it’s definitely brought us closer and built a strong foundation for a relationship,” said Nathan. NAT – Stay Informed – Social Media

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