No Hope for Birdy Bolshevik Jeff

Viruses mutate – that’s their whole point. Even if we control Delta, new diseases will emerge, either different strains of Covid or, God help us, entirely new viruses …
What happens if the next virus we release is more like Ebola, with a morbidity rate of over 60%?

“We”, Jeff? Surely you mean “Xi”.

To put it another way, renewed normality isn’t the solution – it’s the problem.

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Normality is always a problem for our friends on the left.

Look at the world we’re making.

I would, but I’m only allowed to see ten kilometres of it. Apparently we’re making a new Hungry Jack’s at West Gosford.

While Australians have been preoccupied by coronavirus, a wider environmental calamity has unfurled over the planet, manifesting in various ways in different nations.
In Oregon and California, baby birds have been throwing themselves out of their nests, unable to cope with an unprecedented heatwave. 

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When you’re a Sparrow, you take these things personally.

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