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‘Relief’ at WA Premier McGowan’s snap press conference

There is probably some “relief” amongst West Australians that Premier McGowan’s snap press conference didn’t result in a lockdown, according to Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell.

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan announced on Wednesday a…

Cash for jabs will incentivise Australians and stimulate the economy: Marles

Deputy Labor Leader Richard Marles says the Opposition’s “cash for jabs” scheme is a “constructive” proposal which will protect Australians and stimulate the economy.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, Mr Marles defended the proposal as sensible given “…

Morrison government ‘standing by’ thousands of businesses in NSW ‘doing it tough’

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says the Morrison government continues to provide support and stands by the “businesses and the people” of New South Wales.

“It is not a laughing matter that thousands of businesses across New South Wales are right now doing…

Jeannette Young urges Queensland to reconsider online shopping

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young has urged Queenslanders to reconsider online shopping to minimise deliveries as she pushes for everyone to stay at home.

“Please, when you open your front door, just think for a moment – do you really need to go ou…

Peter Bol’s quest for gold at Olympic final a ‘fantastic’ Australian story

PR Counsel Principal Kristy McSweeney says Australian Olympian Peter Bol’s journey to quest for gold in the 800 metre final at the Tokyo Olympics is a “fantastic story”.

“It’s a fantastic West Australian story, it’s a fantastic story of multi-cultural…

‘Useless’ Joint Strike Fighter jets set to be purchased by Australia

The Australian’s Robert Gottliebsen says the 72 Joint Strike Fighters in use by American troops, some of which are due to be purchased by the Australian government, are “useless”.

The United States recently conducted theoretical war-game scenarios, w…

Labor’s $300 cash bonus is to ‘compensate’ those ‘impeded’ from getting the jab

Labor’s $300 cash incentive for the vaccinated is partly proposed to “compensate” those who want to do the right thing but have received “impediment after impediment” by government when trying to get the jab, says NSW Labor Senator Deborah O’Neill.


Misinformation a ‘key reason’ behind vaccine hesitancy

University of Sydney Professor Jioji Ravulo says misinformation is one of the “key reasons” behind vaccine hesitancy.

“A lot of that misinformation comes from people spreading rumours or hearsay, or there may be lack of understanding around what it me…

Australia doesn’t ‘have time to waste’ in improving submarine capacity amid rising China

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy’s Jim Fanell has issued a stark warning regarding Australia’s submarine capacity, saying “we don’t have time to waste” in learning to work with neighbouring countries amid the rise of China.

Mr Fanell, a former US…

‘Our complete motivation is to have our population as safe as possible’: NSW Premier

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian says “our complete motivation” in the state is to have “our population as safe as possible”.

Ms Berejiklian said she is “not willing” to accept any “unnecessary death”.

“Our aim is to keep people as safe a…

Vaccination results ‘have been really good’: Queensland Chief Health Officer

Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young says vaccination results “have been really good,” with 18.47 per cent of Queenslanders currently being fully vaccinated.

Dr Young said “36.97 per cent have had the first dose” in the state.

Afterpay has ‘revolutionised’ shopping in Australia with plans to do so globally

Afterpay’s rise from “about a dollar a share six years ago” to being acquisitioned for $39 billion, the largest deal in Australian corporate history, is an “incredible story”, according to 6PR’s Oliver Peterson.

“Afterpay has revolutionised obviously …

Afterpay a ‘massive success story’ for two Sydney-based founders: Alan Jones

Sky News host Alan Jones says Afterpay is a “massive success story” for the two Sydney founders and it proves that good ideas can translate into a huge payday.

“American finance firm, Square, bought Afterpay – a ‘buy now, pay later’ company by Sydney-…

Australian Olympic athletes ‘can’t pay the bills on honour and glory’: Alan Jones

Sky News host Alan Jones says it will be interesting to see what Brisbane “comes up with” in terms of rewarding Australian Olympians in 2032.

“Look at Brazil, you win a bronze medal there, you get more than if you’re an Australian who wins gold,” Mr J…

Peta Credlin: YouTube’s Sky News Australia suspension is ‘not about consistency’

Sky News host Peta Credlin says we are now in a position where Silicon Valley is more powerful than Canberra following YouTube’s decision to suspend Sky News Australia content.

“Welcome tonight to an Australia where the news and views you are allowed …